Unleashing Abundance

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Align with ABUNDANCE

At P3 LIfe Builders, LLC, we equip you to live a life of Purpose, Power, and Prosperity.

We are mobilizers and opportunity-makers in the fields of business growth and raising capital.  We seek out and engage with people who have inspired ideas for serving others through small businesses, nonprofit organizations, ministries, or social enterprises.  We facilitate their connections to immense pools of resources so that trapped abundance is unleashed and channeled effectively, making positive transformation around the corner and around the globe.

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Overarching Vision 

We have a dream . . . In this dream, we see people growing their businesses and organizations at a rapid rate and without any anxiety over having “enough”.  We are organized in cooperative, collaborate effort to unleash imprisoned abundance so that together we can make good work.  This is what we see:

. . . millions of people are partnering with each other to improve the human condition the world over

 . . . businesses and organizations always have the resources to build wherever and whenever they see an opportunity to serve 

. . . the leaders of those organizations are thriving personally and collectively because they know who they are, what they are called to do, and where their path is leading

. . . our world is full of grace and abundance 

 . . . the collection of resources and tools we and our partners make available have liberated people from the prison of scarcity and lack – they now embrace abundance and growth

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We recognize that everyone has something to give and can make a difference for others. Many have the desire to serve and pursue significance but have never launched or established sustainability due to lack of clarity, organization, and funding.  We also see a pervasive poverty mentality and scarcity mindset throughout society.  This leads to waste, and abundant resources become trapped.

We seek out and engage with people who have inspired ideas for serving others through small businesses, nonprofit organizations, ministries, or social enterprises.  We facilitate connections to capital sources so that the abundance is unleashed and channeled efficiently and effectively to make a positive impact around the corner and around the globe.

Together we can make good work!

Dream it - Design it - then Do it!

Without clarity, we cannot attract capital and the other people we need to manifest the dream and serve others.  We create and deliver online courses and one-on-one coaching to build an O.P.U.S. document.  This sets up the decision structure and communications for all other operational, financial, and promotional activities.

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Nail it & Scale it

Programs and tools to set up your business or organization for solid operations and explosive growth.

Leadership & Growth - Value Innovation - Communication & Connection

Reliance on the licensed resources from the John Maxwell Team, Igniting Souls, SocialVentures, and our proprietary programs and special services.

Tap into weekly insights and group coaching

Expansive Capital Sourcing

Each business, organization, or social enterprise in our Tribe has its own Capital Sourcing Portfolio.  Examples include private placement, patient capital accessed through our own philanthropic fund, complex gifting, tax-advantaged funding, and unique partnerships among and between businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Funding that always anticipates the next stage of growth.


  • Mastermind groups
  • Group coaching
  • Community Summit events
  • Financial cooperatives (including credit union partners-saving groups)
  • International Collaboratives
  • Abundance-minded innovators
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Join the Unleashing Abundance Tribe


Every day, more people like you are joining our global community. We invite you to a Tribe of Believers who are building their ministry in the marketplace and are attracting  the resources to make good work!



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